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KARS R US of Spartanburg LLC
1484 Asheville Hwy
Spartanburg, SC 29303

(864) 732-1448


Nate Fairley to Kar's R Us

16 hrs · 

Best used car lot around!!! Hands down!!! Don’t worry about your credit, Kars R Us will take care of you and put you in the car of your dreams!!!

Susan Ridings

 6 hours ago

Wonderful staff, they really work with you and the services they provide are hard to beat.

Mary E Hamrick They are great people there. Ask for JD. He's who we deal with when we get our cars. The owner Randy is amazing. Our family have been doing business with him for 14yrs now and we will continue to.

Kelsey Gates

 11 weeks ago

I recently purchased a car from them in March. About 2 weeks ago it broke down and left me stranded. I took it to a mechanic and was told that it was going to cost a 1000 dollars to fix it. I called JD and told him that the car was broken and what they was going to charge me. I told him that I can't afford that. He told me to take it to his mechanic. Which I did. He looked at it and had it about a week and come to find out it was just a broken wire. With just one phone call he saved me around 800 dollars. I would recommend these guys to anyone needing a car. They are by far the best. They go above and beyond for there customers.

Ethan Smith

 4 weeks ago

Excellent dealership unlike any other one I've ever dealt with. The owner Randy is an excellent man to do business with. If you buy a car from him you will not regret it.


Mary Hamrick

 2 weeks ago

our family has done business with Kar's R Us and the owner Randy for 14 years now and anytime we decide to get a new car or switch cars that's the place to go. JD is the sales guy you want because he always knows what you're looking for the most part tell him what you want and he steers you in the right direction. I can't imagine doing business anywhere else or go anywhere else for my cars and our daughter will be driving in a few years and that's where we'll be getting her first car at. We've had several cars from them over the course of the years and every one of them have been very dependable reliable and I love each car we get from them. So if you're looking for a great used car they're the place to go and ask for JD he's the best and he's a great guy. We couldn't imagine going anywhere else for a car. JD has always been very great to us and gotten us amazing cars for great prices.


Jennifer Teresa Ponder reviewed Kar's R Us — 4 star

July 12 at 8:55 AM · 

Randy n JD always know how to take care of his people. He's awesome.

Queena Mack reviewed Kar's R Us — 5 star

August 2 at 2:26 PM · 


Chad Carlton

 4 hours ago

I can tell you that JD, MELISSA, HUNTER, and the LOVELY Ladies at the ACCEPTANCE CREDIT are the most amazing people you can meet. If there's anything wrong they help. If there's a problem with your car they help you out. It's like your a true family member and not just a PAYMENT. So if you want a great car go on down there and tell them that I sent you. I hope that you have such a wonderful experience as I did and hope to have that wonderful experience again hopefully in the future.

Skylar Elizabeth Meyers reviewed Kar's R Us — 5 star

May 26 · 

They're amazing! Very lenient, and will work with you! This is my first car with them and we haven't had any problems! They're the best!

Dishelle D Draper reviewed Kar's R Us — 5 star

May 24 · 

Have a car from here. Had some issues with the car and took it back. They had their mechanic fix it and provided me with a loaner. I'll recommend them for anyone looking to buy a quality vehicle.

Dylan Marshall reviewed Kar's R Us — 5 star

May 30 · 

Wonderful amazing place. I've bought two cars from here and both times they have worked with me. Highly highly recommend this place!!

Betsy Ann Toney  recommends Kar's R Us.

June 21 at 1:26 PM · 

Simply the best cars at great prices. The owner Randy as well as the employees are the greatest. Stop in and give them the chance to amaze you!

Brianna Hunter reviewed Kar's R Us — 5 star

June 29 at 4:45 PM · 

Amazing place. The workers are just phenomenal. I recommend everyone to go this car dealer ship. They are very respectful. They will also work with you in anyway they can

Kelsey Gates

 13 hours ago

I recently purchased a car from them in March. About 2 weeks ago it broke down and left me stranded. I took it to a mechanic and was told that it was going to cost a 1000 dollars to fix it. I called JD and told him that the car was broken and what they was going to charge me. I told him that I can't afford that. He told me to take it to his mechanic. Which I did. He looked at it and had it about a week and come to find out it was just a broken wire. With just one phone call he saved me around 800 dollars. I would recommend these guys to anyone needing a car. They are by far the best. They go above and beyond for there customers.

Shawn Littlejohn

2 reviews

2 months ago

Looking for a great dependable ride, i suggest you go on over to Kar's R Us and see Randy. My family and i have been buying cars from him 16+ years. He makes sure he stand behind his customers and you leave happy. .You won't be disappointed.

Tammy Massa

4 reviews

3 months ago-

Excellent place to buy a good used car!! We have bought 2 cars from them and have always had excellent customer service!



Mary Andrews

1 review

a month ago

Wonderful customer service and hospitality! I ended up with a flat tire in their parking lot and they went out of their way to help me change my tire. If I needed to buy a new car, I would trust them to take care of me.

Carl Drummond Jr.

1 review

2 weeks ago

The owner is extremely helpful, they were so friendly helping me pick the car out and working with my budget. I’ve also had a lot going on and he’s been so helpful and understanding! I recommend this place to everyone to get a car

Dishelle D Draper reviewed Kar's R Us — 5 star

May 24 at 9:36pm · 

Have a car from here. Had some issues with the car and took it back. They had their mechanic fix it and provided me with a loaner. I'll recommend them for anyone looking to buy a quality vehicle.

Skylar Elizabeth Meyers reviewed Kar's R Us — 5 star

May 26 at 9:47am · 

They're amazing! Very lenient, and will work with you! This is my first car with them and we haven't had any problems! They're the best!

Cody Kennerly Black Jacksmc reviewed Kar's R Us — 5 star

March 1 at 11:44am · 

There great people very friendly, soon as you pull up there right there to help you and make your dreams come true on a dream car that you want.... they answer anything you have questions about if somthing messes up they are there to help fix it.. i got a car there for my wife and it's been an amazing car... definitely worth going to....


Bill Miller
8 hours ago
Bought 2 Cars off of them. Friendly people. Works with you on any problem with the vehicles. Wouldn't buy a car from any other dealership! Have known these people for 4.5 years, highly recommend them! Once you go there, you won't go anywhere else!

Crystal Miller

8 hours ago

Awesome Customer Service!! They are so friendly and work with you to solve any issues. Wouldn't buy a car anywhere else!! Highly recommend!!


Zack Dejesus

1 hour ago

Great place. Great workers More than happy to work with u an get you what you need. Highly recommend this place


Brittney Ruegsegger

1 hour ago

Love this place great atmosphere and wonderful customer service! They have a large selection of Cars also.! I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking to buy a car!


Brittney Ruegsegger

1 hour ago

Love this place great atmosphere and wonderful customer service! They have a large selection of Cars also.! I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking to buy a car!


Dana Richard Davis reviewed Kar's R Us — 5 star

August 12 · 

The best people in the world! They work with you and get you in a nice car! Great customer service and nice people!

Chris Ravens Rogers reviewed Kar's R Us — 5 star

August 31 · 

I just purchased a 99 chevy Silverado. This is our 3rd from them. Good cars followed by a great staff. Answered 90% of my questions over the phone the other 10% in person. Test drove, papers, and all. In and out in an 1.5hrs. 
Thanks Guys

Tamara Eller reviewed Kar's R Us — 5 star

November 10 at 10:00pm · 

This is the BEST place i have ever been to get a car!! Melissa and i had sooo much in common it was unreal, God sent us to that place for a reason!!!

Rhonda Robison reviewed Kar's R Us — 5 star

June 23 · 

I have been in the car business for a long time, & have seen it ALL !!! If you want an honest Dealer that stands behind his vehicles then Kars R Us is the place to buy !!!

Jennifer Waters reviewed Kar's R Us — 5 star

November 3 at 8:11am · 

U need a car this is a place to go and when u go go ask for Melissa she is awesome and can get u in a car to fit ur budget

Christopher Daniel Sprouse reviewed Kar's R Us — 5 star

June 24 · 

Awesome business. Always welcomed us with open arms. They have helped myself and my wife build back our credit. Randy is an awesome businessman with compassion understanding and always wanting to help anyone he can. They go above and beyond to make sure you never leave without a smile on your face. If u want to feel like your not just wanted for your money and are part of an amazing family go see my buddies at kars r us. Tell them Chris sent you. You will leave feeling proud of your new purchase!

Melissa Oliver reviewed Kar's R Us — 5 star

August 24 · 

I am an employee and a customer! Best of both worlds! Super friendly atmosphere and we really do build credit! Short term contracts, and fully serviced vehicles! Come check us out! You won't be sorry! This is by far, the best buy here pay here to be affiliated with in the upstate! See for yourself!

Chandler Miller reviewed Kar's R Us — 5 star

September 28 · 

Awesome place to buy a car. I had to have a quick unexpected affordable vehicle...not only did they give me what I needed when I was in a bind they gave me what I wanted too. They truly treat you like family! I normally don't do reviews but they GENUINELY HELP people... great place!!!

Vitaliy Kotyakov reviewed Kar's R Us — 5 star

July 19 · 

5-Star place to get a car! I work for MANY dealerships in our area with my headlight restoration business, and I am ALWAYS impressed by how Kars R Us treats their customers. I often get to see "behind the scenes", which tells you lot about a person and a company, and they are consistently fair and respectful to ALL of their customers. Another great reason to buy from Kars R Us is that they will help you build or rebuild your credit! Just ask them how. They typically get new cars in every week, so there is always a great selection! At Kars R Us you will get treated like family, because you are.
-Vitaliy, Owner of RevitalX Headlight Restoration

CarlaN'John Galmiche reviewed Kar's R Us — 5 star

September 1 · 

I just got my 2nd car through kars r us they really help anyone that needs a car they are very friendly and down to earth if you have any problems with a car you got from them they will send it to be looked at and possibly fixed for you i absolutely love these guys they have help me out twice and i will always go to them so if your in need of car and have a stable job go see JD. Randy. Rhonda.or Melissa i promise you they will take very good care of you....Tell them Carla Galmiche sent you lol. Thanks guys for your help i really appreciate everything yall have done for me yall are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

thank you letter

Over the past 7 or 8 years ,I have purchased  several vehicles from buy here-pay here companies. The first couple of dealerships seemed to take advantage of my situation by inflating prices and interest rates, and asking for high down payments. Clearly, I was not happy with their approach. After these two experiences, I was some-what leery of doing it this way again, then a vehicle on your lot caught my eye. It was a vehicle my daughter  was interested in. Upon an initial inspection and test drive, we (my daughter and I) decided that we would try to get it. I asked your salesperson to put it in her name with me  co-signing. You and your staff worked to get it done in that way. Many thanks for that. Since then I have been back three times to purchase vehicles. Each time I have been treated pleasantly and professionally. The vehicles are of good to very good quality with no issues. I feel I have been treated honestly and fairly, and if I ever need another vehicle, I will come to you  first



travis ward

 Jessica Sprouse

We are so very pleased with our second recent purchase from kars r us. Great team. Very understanding and friendly. I'm so pleased with our business with you guys and look forward two more purchases for our daughters next year for their first cars!

charlene fernanders 

I wanted to thank you and your staff for your proficiency in expediting my purchase of the Chrysler Pacifica from your lot. I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase!  As you know this is my 5th vehicle I have purchased from your dealership and that speaks volumes of the quality and dependability of your vehicles.  Thanks again and may God continue to richly bless you and your business.                                  


Randy - a huge thank you for you and your staff's pleasant purchase of my new Chevy Aveo on Saturday. You all put us at ease and after a long day of looking at cars, I was glad I settled at your lot. I trusted what you were saying and felt comfortable.

Thank Carlos for me...He was very kind and helpful.

I will be more than happy to recommend anyone I know who is looking to purchase an auto. Keep up the good work.

Wanda Rinker


Hello. My name is Karl Thomas Mosier JR. As of today, 09/10/2015 I have Two cars from Kars R Us located in Spartanburg SC. My original vehicle was a 2002 ford escape. We had very little down. Rick, JD, and the Randy bent over backwards to help us get into the escape. Long after I had the car, making great payments, the shifter went out. I called them and JD made sure it got fixed, didn't even charge me a dime. After being with them for so long, I asked them about an F-150 they had. They sold that to me also. I will NEVER EVER EVER EVER go to another car dealership. I own a 2013 Toyota Carola, I would not had ever bought that from the Toyota place had i known about these guys first. JD, RICK, AND THE REST OF THE TEAM WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!!!!!!!!

Randy,  It's been a joy knowing you.  If I come across 1-million peoples need to buy a car, I would send them straight to you.  The kindness, respect, the warmth I felt each and every time I made a car payment was worth my trip.  So please keep going what you doing. As soon as I get ready to buy my next car you will be the man I come see.  Thank you so much for being so kind.

Thank You,
Sandra Geiger

Brandi McCord <
To: karsrusspartanburg@gmail.com
From the application process to signing the contract. My fiancé and myself have no regrets. JD and Randy have made the buy here pay here experience a pleasure. They not only make you feel welcomed and comfortable but they are honest. Our Dodge was freshly painted and Detailed as promised and has a 30 day 1000 mile warranty (you won't find that at your average buy here pay here lot) I look forward to driving there each week to make a payment because each week I'm a little closer to having the title to a car I fell in love with. Great people with great cars! Needless to say once we are finished paying off the Dodge we will be more than willing to sign with them again for a second car.

Phillip Daughtry 

to me
Hi. I am a customer of Kars R Us who recently purchased a new truck, and I just want to take the time to say Thank You to everyone on the Kars R Us Staff!! I really appreciate your business and how everything was handled in a timely manor!! After I pay my truck off and I decide that I want to purchase another vehicle, I already know where to go!! Thanks again!!

Satisfied Customer
Phillip D


We had been looking for a truck that was in our budget and things were not looking good. But just when we had decided we were out of luck, we saw Kars R Us and figured it couldn't hurt to stop and look at what they had. The very first truck that saw was one that would suit our needs, but we were afraid we couldn't afford it. It was very clean and in great shape for a used vehicle. Rick, the salesman was very helpful and crunched some numbers. It turned out that the price was in our budget. The owner, Randy let us know that if anything was not to our satisfaction, to let them know and they would make sure it was right. There were some minor things that needed fixing and they fixed them as quickly as possible. I would highly recommend Kars R Us in Spartanburg to anyone that is in need of a dependable vehicle. They treat you well and always stand up to their word. Thank you, Rick and Randy, for being there when we needed you!
                                           Max Ballenger and Joy Hines

I just wanted to let everyone know in the SC state that Kars R Us is the
best dealership in the state.  I was recently in a car accident and my car
was totalled, I stopped at the dealership to see what the inventory was
like and spoke to the salesman, Rick and the owner Randy  assured me they
would be able to help me when I received my check for my totalled vehicle.
I was blessed the day I walked into the car lot.  Rick put me in a car with
low mileage, under the hood was emaculent and the inside was cleaner then i
have seen in any used car.  I will recommend all my coworkers and friends
to go to Kars R Us.  All the people that work at Kars R Us from the sales
people to financing have been friendly and helpful to me. You can tell this
is a close knit family and that they enjoy their job.  Thanks you again
Kars R Us...I pray all of you continue to be blessed
*Cheryl Gyant, Greenville*

Randy and JD went the extra million miles to give me the best price for my vehicle. Randy is honest and trustworthy and would only let you drive out ther e 100 percent satisfied. I didn't have the best credit Randy gave me an awesome deal and will help build your credit up, JD an Randy were patient with me for 2 days. They also are good christian men working for RAndy,. If you go to this dealership tell them TeresaThornton sent you. I promise you will be satisfied he has a huge variety of cars. Thanks Randy and JD for all your help in finding my dream Mazda SUV !

Teresa Thorton

Desmond Hawes 

With a growing family I searched many different places to find the car that was meant for my family. We stop by Kars r us and we were greeted without a pushy attitude. The family atmosphere was great and with the help of the whole staff we got the perfect car at the perfect price$$.

I want to RAVE about Kars R Us, I was in the situation of needing a car but not having great credit. The entire Kars R Us team helped me find the right car for me and financed it at a price I could afford. I first met the Kars R Us team when a friend of mine purchased a truck and was very pleased with the entire experience (when I purchased my car she got $100.00!!). The car is great and has proved to be just what I needed a reliable work car that gets great gas mileage. When the car needed a repair and I was facing a bill I wouldn’t be able to pay I went back to see the Kars R Us team; they helped me get the repair and financed it with 3 easy payments. I will soon be ready to purchase a car for my daughter and have already been looking at the inventory they have, Kars R Us keeps their online inventory up to date so searching is very convenient. I highly recommend Kars R Us for your next car purchase.

Laura Karas

I just wanted to share me and my daughter experience at Kars-r-us. My daughter was in the need of a car because my car had tore up and we went to Randy at Kars-r-us. Before the day was over my daughter had a car with affordable payments. The staff at Kars-r-us was so nice to us and helped us complete every detail of the loan process. Thanks to Randy and his staff that my daughter has a car now. I will recommend anyone to them for a car purchase. Thanks Kars-r-us   Tracy Valentine

deanna jones

 I would like to say that we have had a great experience with Kars r us Spartanburg. We bought a car from them in June and we were so pleased my son bought a truck from them in July. I have also referred a friend from work to them just this month. They are very helpful with us and they stand behind their products. They even mailed us a thank you card. We have been very pleased and I will send them more business if anyone asks where they should go for a used car. In the car sales business it is very rare to find honest people and we appreicated it so much. Thanks again Kars r Us. Sincerely ,

Deanna & Gerald Jones

Dear Randy & Staff,
Words cannot explain how HaPpY I am with my vehicle and the customer service I have been shown with you all! Randy you went out of your way to help me get into a dependable car that I could afford. JD went beyond the call of being a saleman! I first met JD through a mutual friend who knew I was looking for a reliable car, so he told JD. Well JD brings 2 cars to my office for me to see (keep in mind we only work 1/2 mile apart from one another). I bought a PT Cruiser that I am THRILLED to own! To add to that my vehicle  is emmaculate! Very clean inside and out! Kars R US takes pride in their realationships with their customers and their vehicles! Now thats not it ....... my car was pulling to the right, the next morning I call and they take care of the problem immediately! They did not put me off or anything. I was amazed. I am very thankful to know we have an OUTSTANDING dealership in Spartanburg! I recommend anyone and everyone to KARS R US. And I plan on future business with Randy, JD and their staff!
Billie Emory

Mike Feb 15

After being involved in an accident, and receiving an insurance settlement I was left searching for a replacement for my GMC Envoy. After going to several dealers websites and finding out the inventory online did not reflect the inventory on the lot I discovered what I was looking for at KarsRus.(who's inventory was up to date I might add) I was hesitant as I always am with a car purchase. I have shopped several buy here, pay here dealers and always find it to be a degrading and somewhat disappointing experiance. But that was not at all what I found when I onto the lot at KarsRus. A salesman greeted me almost immediatly when I entered the lot even though they were busy and gave me his full attention. Answering all questions and assuring me I had made the right choice stopping in. He explained that they don't use the terminoligy of "buy here, pay here" because that's not what they are. Buy here, pay here's don't do what they do. I told him that I have been looking for a GOOD car guy. He told me I had to meet Randy the owner. Randy is  a very straight forward and honest man. Not misrepresenting what he is selling, and being sure your getting all you pay for. I found that he also holds all his salesman and associates to the same high standards he has himself. Not only did I find a beautiful and mechanically sound vehicle with KarsRus, I found my car guy too. They even helped manipulate the payments so that I would be able to driive off that day, and not the following week when I had all the down payment. Even after the warranty had expired I had a minor problem, and Randy and his staff saw to it that it was repaired free of charge. Even making sure that I was happy with my service from the mechanic. They go far beyond what most other dealers will do, and I speak from experiance. I am actually excited for the first time in my life for the next time I buy a car. I will be going to KarsRus direct. Where they're not just making sales, they're building a relationship!!!

                                                                         Inman, S.C.

We are the m anzano family we love kars r us great service  great cars. Owner very compassionate.  Best place to buy a car!

I’ve dealt with Randy for over 20 years and between my family and I we’ve bought seven cars with no problem at all. He backs everything up and he will work with you any way he possibly can to keep you coming back.


Bobby Bolick

Tracy Wagner
I recently purchased a car for my son from Kars R Us.  They told me that even if my other car ever needed service to call him first and see if he could help.  My radiator recently went out and Randy helped me get a repair on my car done $100 cheaper than i was previously quoted by another dealer!! He has gone above and beyond helping me on a vehicle that wasn't even "their" sale!!

Thanks guys

Me and my wife have purchased two vehicles from Randy at Kars R US. Both times he worked with us and was kind to us. This is the greatest dealership we have ever bought a car from and will continue to buy from them. Thanks for being a kind hearted person and helping us in every way you have.
Charles and Tina

david and mennretta

Name: David &Mennretta
City: spartanburg
State: sc
Testamonial, If you really want a great car for a good price and no hassle about getting into a new car KARS "R" US  is the best place to go we know this from choosing to get a car from them not once, but twice.  We truly recomend everyone to just go there and experience what it's like. It's so wonderful.

Name: Ray Sims
City: Pauline
State: SC
I just purchased a used SUV from Kars-r-us. All I can say is outstanding. No pressure sales, great service after the sale. I have gotten 2 phone calls just to make sure I'm happy with my SUV. I would recommend them to all my friends and family.

Tim yellow dakota

For all of the people who have always heard things like "dont go to that car lot, they have crap cars" or "they just tell you things you want to hear just to make a sale!" WELL here is some WONDERFUL news for YOU!!!!!  Kars R Us in Spartanburg has a GREAT group of  guys that will work with you in any way they can to try and help you get the car of your dreams! I got a nice 2000 Dodge Dakota 2 days ago. They stick to their word when they say "we stand behide every sale we make." While i was out and about today i noticed some jerking with the truck and it was idoling alot. Right away i called Randy and he told me "bring it on in and we will take care of you!" After my day at work ended i went to Kars R Us and told them what the issue was, they rushed out to look right away and told me they would take care of it and for me not to worry about anything. First i was told i would have to wait until the next day. 15 minutes later out comes one of the guys that does mechanic work and says "be right back, i will put the piece on that is causeing the problem!"  I was very happy and there is no other car lot that would do that kind of thing for you!!!  If i was told to go and have this problem fixed myself it would had of cost me lots of money, instead it was done for NO cost at all! THANK YOU VERY MUCH KARS R US!!!!!
Duncan, SC


The kind of service that my husband and I have been receiving is TERRIFIC!!!  From the time that we have purchase our vehicles we have had such concearn and and thoughtfulness from Randy and his staff.  I needed my 2 nd vehicle fixed and I went to an auto mechanic and they wanted to charge me $800 so I went to Randy to get an second opinion and he sent me to his mechanic "WOW" im glad I did, long story short I ended up paying only $20!  Randy your AWESOME!!!! Thanks, Wanda & Ray
                                                                                                                     Boiling Springs  S.C.

Love my new car!!!!!

I would to thank everyone at Kars "R" Us for the buying experience that was really at first to good to be true. I have been to several car dealers in the past years, and none have even came close to the comfortable feeling I had purchasing my new car with Kars "R" Us. My husband and I stopped by only looking not wanting to deal with the headache of the average "sales man". Our experience here was so far from that. I feel truly blessed to have entered the car lot and found a good car, from a good place, and down to earth honest good people. My credit is not the best, but at Kars "R" Us you all made me feel like I was still at the top of the list shopping here and I will forever be grateful and will NEVER purchase another car if needed from anywhere else!
April, Clinton SC

sincere thanks and gratitude for the family atmos

I just wanted to give the staff at kars r us my sincere thanks and gratitude for the family atmosphere that they give when you first come on the lot.  Never in my 44 yrs. of life have I ever experienced purchasing a vehicle with as much peace and joy as I have today.  It is my motto if you can't trust the salesman you can't trust the car.  At kars r us I can honestly say that you can trust both!   They really work with you as far as down payment, payment plans and the car prices are at least 2 to 3 thousand dollars less than other used car lots.  I mean they have up to date cars from 2000 models to 2007 models.   They have your basic warranty, but whats so wonderful they tell you to call them before you go to a shop, they will get yor car checked out for free, and if the warranty is over even get it fixed 40 to 50 percent cheaper than what I could, now thats standing behind your car a 100 percent. Do yourself a favor stop by and see Randy Mcpherson and his crew, I promise you won't be dissapointed, I wasn't!!!!!!  Stop feeling like a victim at other car lots, come be treated like a valued customer at KARS R US!!
Charles L.(Spartanburg) 
KARS R US of Spartanburg LLC

1484 Asheville Hwy
Spartanburg, SC 29303